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Jan Veerman

Full name:Johannes Jacobus Maria Veerman
Nickname:Jan Kies
Date of birth:October 4 1948
Place of birth:Volendam
Band member since:July 1 1965
Band member until:May 1 1974

In 1966, Jan Veerman is asked by Jan Tuijp, Cees Tol and Evert and Gerrit Woestenburg to sing in their band. In 1974, when BZN decides to change their musical course, Jan Keizer takes over the microphone. Jan Veerman then takes his old profession as a crane driver.
Nevertheless, Jan Veerman is sometimes heard of while using orchestral tapes. In 1997, Jan is asked to perform on a "Golden Oldies" festival in Monnickendam, after which he lays the basis for the BZN'66 Reunion Band.
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