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Jan Tuijp

Full name:Johannes Cornelis Hyacintus Maria Tuijp
Nickname:Jan Pet
Date of birth:August 22 1948
Place of birth:Volendam
Band member since:July 1 1965

Together with Cees Tol and Gerrit and Evert Woestenburg, Jan is the founder of BZN. Currently he is the only one left of the original strength. He was a little bit forced to choose for the bass guitar, since that was missing in the band. Based on directions by Arnold Mühren - of the Cats - his father and uncle built Jan's first bass guitar on their own.
At that time, Jan is about 17 years old and studies at the MTS. Via the HTS, Jan goes on to study at the TH (nowadays University of Technology) in Delft and studies Mechanical Engineering specialised in Fluid Mechanics. He doesn't finish his study completely, because at that moment the single Mon Amour hits the charts.
Together with Jan Keizer, Jan is responsible for the lyrics. Together with Jack Veerman they own a production company: JJJ Productions. This company produces albums and writes songs for Tamara among others and in the past for Jantje Smit, their big discovery.
Finally, Jan also has his own airplane company with two airplanes - among which one with the registration number PH-BZN - and he is in the board of the Section Performers of SENA.
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