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Jan Keizer

Full name:Johannes Everardus Hendricus Keizer
Date of birth:April 3 1949
Place of birth:Volendam
Band member since:October 17 1969

Jan starts his musical carreer in Empty, fully named Empty Hearts, as a drums player. When, after about two years, Thomas Tol, who plays guitar in this band, decides to start playing the piano, the band's life ends. From the ashes of Empty, Jan builds the band the Q-Tips. In this close harmony band, he sings with Lida Bont, later George Baker Selection. At that time he works as a mason in the company of Jack Veerman's father. Soon he takes the place of Jaap Sombroek behind the drums of BZN and becomes a professional musician.
In 1974, when things are going somewhat worse in music, he exchanges the drums for the microphone and takes the position of Jan Veerman who is leaving the band.
On August 19, 1999, just before a television performace, Jan goes to his G.P., who directs him to the hospital. There it appears he has escaped a heart infarct by an inch and has to undergo surgery. He receives four bypasses, that have to take care of an optimal heart function again. On January 21, 2000, Jan is back on stage with the band again.
In 2000 a long cherished wish of Jan is fulfulled: his first solo album fully in French becomes reality. Later two more solo albums, that look back on the music of the sixties, will follow.
Next to his work as a singer, Jan also writes songs and lyrics for BZN. Together with Jan Tuijp and Jack Veerman he owns a production company: JJJ Productions. This company produces albums and writes songs for Tamara among others and in the past for Jantje Smit, their big discovery.
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