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John Meijer

Full name:Johnny Jozef Meijer
Date of birth:August 14 1958
Place of birth:Wormerveer
Band member since:January 23 2003

In 1988, John Meijer takes the place of Dirk van der Horst, who comes to BZN, in the band Next One. As singer/guitar player/band leader John and Next One travel through The Netherlands as a band for Annie Schilder, George Baker, Piet Veerman and Jan Smit, among others.
Early 2003 John replaces the seriously ill Dirk van der Horst. Also now, 15 years after coming to Next One, John takes his place.
Next to performing, John has a sound and video studio and he is active as free-lance copywriter for advertisements and video-editor.
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