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Dirk van der Horst

Full name:Dirk van der Horst
Date of birth:November 15 1946
Place of birth:Zaandam
Band member since:March 5 1988
Date of death:September 22 2004
Place of death:Alkmaar

Since he is eleven years old, Dirk is playing music. He starts his carreer around 1957 in a band named Tophit Brothers, playing music that resembles the Everly Brothers. When Dirk is 16 or 17 years old, he plays in the band The Teckels, that plays music by the Rolling Stones and the Kinks among others. With this band Dirk records two singles: Mabel and Iko, Iko.
In 1969 Dirk moves to the band Take Five, that is soon renamed to Dizzy Man's Band. In this band he comes in touch with the big success. A lot of records are made, among which the known Tickatoo, The Show and The Opera. When the band is split up in 1983, he is the only member left from the original strength.
After the Dizzy Man's Band era, Dirk goes to Next One, in which band he plays with great pleasure until 1988. On March 5, 1988 Dirk comes to BZN and takes the place of Cees Tol as a guitar player. Until december 2002, Dirk plays in BZN. This period is great: successfull performances and big successes in and outside of the The Netherlands. Dirk enjoys the travelling, the performances and last but not least the lot of fans.
In November 2002 Dirk's health is getting worse. Immediately after the next New Year, he is told he has a serious disease. A hard period starts: not being able to perform and an uncertain future - or more precisely nó future. He goes to his loved area in France at the Lot again for two times. After the summer break of this year even that is no longer possible. After a hard period of time, Dirk dies in the hospital in Alkmaar in the age of 57 on September 22. He is replaced by John Meijer.
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