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This page shows a list of all special releases. Special releases are done especially for a third party, usually some company. These items were not generally available in the general record stores.

Entry Title Countries Top Weeks
1982 De hits in beeld NL
1982 Medical systems NL
1982 Philips Eindhoven NL
1982 Philips Heerlen NL
1992 Celebration NL
1993 Mon amour NL
1995 Mon amour NL
1997 Viva el BZN NL
1999 Christmas favourites ZA
2005 The Platinum Album Collection NL
2005 Album Collection NL
2012 Auf Deutsch NL
2015 Forgotten memories NL
2005 The hitmedley (karaoke versie) NL
1982 De hits in beeld NL
1986 BZN in Canada NL
2002 BZN In Mexico NL
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