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What is RSS?

RSS is a standard for publishing text. It allows computer programs to interpret content, or information. There is a strict separation between the head of an article, the link and the text itself.

What is an RSS feed?

We speak of an RSS feed when a text file with this layout is refreshed with a certain interval.

What can you do with RSS?

RSS is very usable to share content. A computer can request the text file, interpret it and present the contents in any given way to a user.

What do I need for RSS?

The most used application of RSS are the so-called RSS readers. They come in all shapes and sizes for all platforms ((Mac, Windows and Linux). The gather content and present an overview of the content on the web. These programs also give a signal when new content appears on a site. Modern browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 also offer the possibility to handle these files.

Where are the RSS feeds of BZN Online?

BZN Online offers different feeds. You can 'register' on the feeds you are interested in. You only have to copy the URL below and paste it in your RSS reader.
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