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It happened 25 years ago: A Symphonic Night NuJij

Placed: Monday, June 21, 2021 12:00:01 AM
Modified: Monday, June 21, 2021 12:00:01 AM

Cover A symphonic night Today and tomorrow, it will be exactly 25 years ago that BZN recorded the most successful album in her career: A Symphonic Night.

In 1996, BZN exists for 30 years. At first the band does not want to pay attention to this jubilee. The jubilee concert in 1991 was so impressive, that could not be done better.

The idea to make something special of this jubilee comes from the fans at first. The band has always received many requests to release the covers and evergreens the band plays during the performances. For a longer period BZN has the idea to do something with an orchestra and a choir. But that is very expensive. The 30th anniversary is used to fulfil both wishes and the record company is visited. Despite the fact that such a project will cost several hundreds of thousands of guilders, in the spring of 1996 Phonogram greenlights it.

At that moment it becomes a race against the clock. The recordings in the studio are stopped to prepare a special musical event. The then brand-new Chassé Theater in Breda is rented, a special orchestra conducted by Harry van Hoof is contracted, as are some session musicians, the choirs De Toonkunst from Eindhoven and De Zangertjes from Volendam. Further on useful songs are selected, after which the arrangements could be made.

According to Carola Smit most of the selected songs were not that different from the usual repertoire. She thinks only Nabucco is a bit too much. In her opinion such a song will never sounds right when just she and Jan will sing it. The rest of the band can convince Carola to keep the song on the list. To be sure a reserve song is rehearsed.

On June 11 and 12 the final rehearsals took place and at last on June 21 and 22 1996 the audio and video recording for A Symphonic Night were made. Before a very enthusiastic audience, an eventual very tense, BZN plays seventeen songs. Carola Smit: "When we had sung Nabucco I said to Jan Keizer we can never do it that beautiful again, but the second night it was perfect again. When I look back, I am proud of that song." Carola's fears were unfounded. The spare number is therefore not used for the album, but it is included on the single La Spagnola, which is released in early 1997.

Today it is also exactly 25 years ago that Jan Smit started his career. Together with Carola he sang the song Mama, which became a big hit in the charts at the end of 1996. Jan Keizer, Jan Tuijp and Jack Veerman took Jan Smit under their wings and a great international career followed for Jan that continues to this day. With the presentation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 last May as the last highlight.

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