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Dick Plat

Full name:Albertus Clementz Jozef Dick Plat
Date of birth:September 14 1950
Place of birth:Volendam
Band member since:May 27 1988

Dick Plat is into music quite some time already. He starts his musical carreer around 1967 in the cover band the Skyriders, but soon he steps over to Left Side. After playing there for nine years, Dick moves to the band Canyon - especially known for the big hit Mooi Volendam. The last two bands also bring own songs, among which songs written by Dick.
In 1988 Dick comes to BZN to replace keyboard player Thomas Tol. Next to writing songs for BZN and his former bands, Dick also writes songs for artists like Wolter Kroes, Maribelle and Spryng. In the past, Dick also did some productional work for Linda Schilder. Next to his work on the keyboards, since the Fall of 2003 Dick also plays saxophone on stage with BZN.
Together with Jack Veerman and other artists from Volendam he performs every now and then as part of the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, a band for special occasions that only plays Beatle songs.
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