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Carola Smit

Full name:Carola Sier-Smit
Date of birth:September 1 1963
Place of birth:Volendam
Band member since:March 25 1984

Carola starts her musical carreer in 1980 in the band Double Trouble. With that band she also makes her first single: Never Loved This Way Before. When the second single - Tell Me - is released, the name of the band is changed in Friends when proposed by the record company. At that time, Carola is asked to come sing in BZN, to replace Annie Schilder. The change is kept secret very well and as out of nowhere there is a new singer.
On Monday April 20, 1987 Carola suffers from a brain infarct and is paralized on her right side. When it is clear that she is recovering a little, she starts a long period of revalidation and on August 18 that year Carola is back in the studio. On September 24 she is seen on television with the band again for the first time and on October 17 she is back on stage.
Carola has practiced gymnastics on a high amateur level for a long time. Because of her brain infarct she had to stop with that.
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