Frequently Asked Questions
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Questions to the band

  1. Can I get the address/telephone number of a band member?
    No. The band members have a private life of their own.

  2. Can I send a card/letter/gift to one of the band members?
    Yes. You can send your card/letter/gift to the following address:
    <name of the member>,
    P.O. Box 60,
    1130 AB Volendam
    The Netherlands

  3. My ... throw(s) a party. Can BZN come?
    No. It is not possible to answer any requests for personal visits.

  4. My ... has/have an anniversary. Can BZN play a special song during a concert?
    No. The playlist of a concert is well thought-out and changes are only made when the band feels it does not work. Special requests are not answered.

  5. My ... has/have an anniversary. Can BZN get him/her/them on stage during a concert?
    Unfortunately there is no time for this. Therefore requests of this kind can hardly be fit in.

  6. Can I take a picture of me and my favourite band member?
    Yes. If you are patient and willing to wait after a concert, usually you have some chance to take this picture.

  7. How can I get an autographed photo?
    To get an autographed photo, please send a letter plus self addressed AND stamped envelope to:
    BZN Fanclub,
    P.O. Box 60,
    1130 AB Volendam
    The Netherlands

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