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This page shows a list of all albums and singles made by one or more of the band members in a solo project and not under the name of BZN. In this list the top positions from the main charts are listed, as are the date of entry in this list and the number of weeks it was listed.
Also a note is made of the reward the album or single received.
For The Netherlands the following numbers apply:
  • 40,000 copies is Gold (up to and including 1999 50,000 copies)
  • 80,000 copies is Platinum (up to and including 1999 100,000 copies)
  • For every multiple of 80,000 (up to and including 1999 100,000 copies) multiple platinum is rewarded.
The following charts are used:
  • Albums from 1999 - now: The Album Top 100 (new name for Mega Album Top 100)
  • Singles from 1996 - 2002: The Mega Top 100
  • Singles from 2003 - now: The Mega Top 50 (shortened Mega Top 100)
An asterisk ("*") in the "Top"-column means that album was an "album van de week".

Entry Title Countries Reward Top Weeks
Albums - Mega Album Top 100/Album Top 100
4/15/2000 L'aventure NL -- 14 17
12/15/2001 Going back in time NL Gold 9 20
4/19/2003 Going back in time II NL -- 3 24
11/8/2004 Going back in time III NL -- 30 12
Singles - Mega Top 100
3/25/2000 Ça va pas changer le monde NL -- 77 2
2000 Musica NL -- - -
2001 Oh Carol NL -- - -
2001 Going back in time medley NL -- - -
Singles - Mega Top 50
2003 Saturday night at the movies NL -- - -
2003 Things NL -- - -
Videos - DVD Muziek Top 30
2003 Going back in time NL -- - -
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